Kasseem Dean, otherwise known as Swizz Beatz, graduated from Harvard Business School today with an MBA and it made my heART smile. Why – well, it was not because he graduated from an Ivy League institution which is ranked number one in Business, although to most this fact is impressive. I, instead, was enamored because a kid from the Bronx from humble beginnings, who has earned his stripes as a hip hop recording Artist, producer, record executive, creative director and fashion designer understands the importance of developing into all that he is capable of becoming. And, in the process of doing so, this same kid refused to allow societal accolades and praises to set limitations on his growth.

Most people in their pursuit of accomplishing worldly success become narrow in scope in regard to their aspirations, get comfortable and sometimes even  lose their sense of self because they think they have to make room for their gifts so that their gifts can carry them off into the sunset and bliss.  However, Swizz has tapped in, tuned in and very much gotten in touch with the understanding that “your gifts will make room for you.” There is a huge difference in living according to the aforementioned principle as it places emphasis and the Magic on the being that holds the gifts as opposed to the gifts that exists within the being.

God has blessed us with a multitude of gifts. However, the supreme gift of all of the gifts, is the breath of life. Yes, that’s correct – WE ARE THE SUPREME GIFT. And because of this truth, it’s important that we allow ourselves to develop the plethora of talents that live within us for our own self-actualization and spiritual divine growth.

SO let’s do our best to refrain from allowing other people’s praise of our mediocrity to set the bar of achievement in our lives. Let us develop as many of the gifts the Creator blessed us with as we can as opposed to idolizing the first couple that end up jump starting our “careers”.  And let’s learn an invaluable lesson from Swizz – which is know yourself, keep family first and always remember the “Sky is not the limit. It’s just the view.”

Swizz, you get the heART of cool STAMP!

Congratulations on modeling how to fly and transcend this physical plane while still being human!

💜Love & Light☀️,