I don’t know what it is about fellow Scorpio  crooner, Miguel, but for the last three years that I have been going on my European fashion week and Art adventures, our paths always seem to naturally intertwine. Upon my arrival into London today, I had an opportunity to experience his intimate performance at the Curtain, a new hotel and membership house that has partnered  with the iconic Harlem Red Rooster. Check out the song, “Skywalker” that keeps replaying in my mind as I prepare to make my way back to Sunny state of California eventually 😉.

A late summer smash in fall featuring Travis Scott with a Star Wars vibe that will have you living in the moment while you “Skywalk” over your haters – with love of course. Yes, sky walking, a practice that I know all too well.


Oh – as a bonus check out the last collaboration Mr. Miguel & Travis Scott did on the remix to “Waves”.

💜Love & Light☀️,