London’s street Art scene is wicked and deserves some serious attention and appreciation. Offering an array of colors, perspectives and vibes, the Art here adds immensely to the trendsetting scene in East London and is sure to elevate the vibes of anyone present enough to take a minute to marvel at its gift.

The creative inspiration that lies in Shoreditch alone, completely dazzles me and reminds my heart how much I crave Art and creative expression. Although, the magic that lives on the walls are forever changing, one thing that remains is you are bound to fall in love with the Art that meets your gaze. Whether you are  being mesmerized by the “satirical masterpiece” by Banksy in the yard of the Cargo Club or catching  a glimpse of Lewis Campbell’s “Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. See No Evil” on Heneage Street or seeing another amazing and cool Art creation that inspires you, yet you have no idea who the Artist is, you are bound to be touched and lifted from the inside out as you take a whiff of all of the culture and creative energy that engulfs Shoreditch.

From the fashion, cafes, bars, murals, galleries, markets, culinary experiences and quirky people frolicking about, it all adds to the human experience in a multi-sensory way. Check out some of my favorite pieces and if you ever come to London, be sure to tantalize your artsy tastebuds and venture to Shoreditch. As a bonus, click here for the best streets to Art gaze while in East London according to The Culture Trip. And if you want to have a deep dive into the open Air gallery and learn from people who have been studying this particular Art scene for 10 years, schedule and actual tour with Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

💜Love & Light☀️,