The Visionary’s Manifesto Presents Entrepreneur/ Business Owner and YouTube Personality Chantel Jiroch “Tell U What!!”

Have you seen “Power?” No, not the cable show, I’m talking about true power that emanates from someone who exhibits all the characteristics and qualities that defy the gravitational pull of mediocrity.  Well I have found such a person, a woman in fact who has manifested a thriving career, the love of her life and might I also add performed two miracles reserved for those who we call queens which means she gave birth to two magnificent creations of God, her adorable children.  She doesn’t need to command respect because she is a woman of integrity and value so “respect” and authenticity proceeds her every step.  Tell U What!! Chantel Jiroch is making moves and we are grateful here at The Visionary’s Manifesto and heART of Cool because Chantel wants to share her journey in a rare unedited narrative.  So, without further delay let’s get acquainted with yet another phenomenal woman!!

HoC Interview:

HoC:  You have accomplished a great deal within your journey thus far by creating a positive environment such as finding your life partner, a thriving business “Lucky Lotus” and two beautiful children.  How have you maintained a sense of balance in regard to the responsibility that it takes to sustain your ever-evolving lifestyle?

CJ:  I do the best I can but honestly, I have a lot of support around me between my staff at work and three grandparents to help with the kids.  My relationship is great because there’s so much spontaneity, it’s never boring.  I try to fly out to see Derek as much as possible so we stay connected and whatever energy I have left I give to myself by working on things I enjoy like yoga or spa day or simple quiet time.  I don’t think it’s the easiest way to manage but it’s become normal for me.

HoC:  What led to your decision to relocate from LA to Atlanta? Did you have to let go of some things that once held value but no longer served you in order to begin the new journey?

CJ:  I’m originally from Miami, I moved to LA after college to do what all young 20-year olds do…find themselves and dream big.  I was auditioning for print and commercial jobs and I loved my experience in LA but it was becoming a struggle and I wasn’t moving in the direction so I moved back to Miami and shortly after had my daughter Lotus which led me to Atlanta.  It’s easy to move on when you’re in pursuit of being better and growing as a person.

HoC:  Now that you have established a platform in the Atlanta region what are the next steps for expanding your brand?

CJ:  My plan is to expand locations and continue to give customers quality vegan options. You should look for our cold pressed juices in stores and we connect with other brand partnerships.

HoC:  How do you come up with the organic recipes for your juices and other items offered at Lucky Lotus and how do you go about selecting your staff as brand managers of your unique products?

CJ:  My recipes come from my lifestyle. I serve what I love to drink myself some of it is a science like adding ginger as a digestive benefit or lemon for alkalinity but for the most part it’s what I love.  My staff are all positive people who have things they are passionate about and yet come together to help me promote my brand.  I don’t look at my staff as employees but as my team.

HoC:  What were some of the most important elements of the education you gained from receiving your masters in the Health Science Nutrition field and how have you applied that knowledge to not only your business acumen but that of your personal lifestyle?

CJ:  Pursuing my masters in nutrition was the gateway for me getting into the business.  As I was attending school I realized that I would benefit more by putting my time and education into actually running a business instead of someone telling me how it’s done.  I postponed finishing my masters and have been operating with a hands-on education owning my own business going on 7 years.

HoC:  How have your personal and professional relationships been affected by the demands of building a successful business?

CJ:  Building a business is a labor of love and the people in my life have been incredibly supportive of that.  I have an amazing support system, my personal and professional relationships flow rather smoothly with respect to building my brand because it’s not just a job for me but a passion that allows me the freedom to nurture those relationships.

HoC:  Early on in your career you studied the art of dance, does that physical and mental discipline still play a strong role in how you navigate through life?

CJ:  Dance plays a big role in why I am health conscious. It taught me discipline but it also taught me to love myself and take care of my body.

HoC:  What advice would you give to other women who are just beginning to outline their own creative visions of how to build a business and become holistically successful in life?

CJ:  I always tell people to take baby steps make a list and start checking it off, eventually you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.  It doesn’t happen overnight so having patience is important, women can have it all and there is no one size fits all mold so you don’t have to adhere to everyone else’s standards as long as it’s perfect for you. Remember, if you have the courage to try you will never fail.

To learn more about the amazing life of Chantel Jiroch follow her on Instagram at cjiroch