Psycle London is a one stop shop for fitness and fun. Whether you are cycling to the best playlist curated by a high spirited and motivating instructor, pulsating your exterior muscles that you never knew you had in barre class, working up a 😎cool😎 sweat in HIIT training or setting intentions and giving thanks as you practice yoga, you are sure to have an explosive workout that leaves you in a euphoric state that will indeed have you craving for more as opposed to running for the door. You will find yourself in an environment that is more than about simple working out. “It’s about people, connection, strength and community. Psycle is about feeling good, igniting your passion and finding the fun in movement.” A place where you not only strengthen your body, but your mind also and discover the power that lies within you.

And to top everything off – you can even place an order at the organic energy kitchen for a plant based protein shake and it will be ready immediately post workout, so you can properly refuel and restore.

Compliments of Velocity Black, while in London, I tried the cycling class with Ollie and their HIT session with Zoe. Both experiences had me dripping in sweat and glowing for the rest of the day. If you get a smoothie or protein shake, be sure to try my two favourites: Tap Back and Green Urban Detox!

💜Love & Light☀️,