With all of the recent events on the planet from hurricanes to earthquakes to all of the division and negativity that seems to be emanating from American and international politics coupled with the regular atrocities and challenges that this world seems to offer, life can feel a little dismal. And some where in between all of the chaos, we as beings can feel an absence from the constant abundance and unconditional love that Divine Source (God) makes available to us every day and every second that we are alive. Since Art expresses an array of emotions in response to the experiences we endure or observe, we have a reservoir of creative and melodic songs that reflect a perspective on what the masses are feeling at various points in history and in our own individual experience.

Pink’s “What About Us” examines a myriad of emotions of the bright stars on the planet that desire to be free and loved unconditionally. She speaks of “searchlights” and “beautiful hearts” that are trying their best to navigate their authentic journey in what appears to be a world of broken promises, manipulation, hate, confusion and control. And in a world where a small population of the planet seems to be thriving while the rest are struggling to realize their dreams and reach self-actualization and true love, I understand the question and sentiment, “What about us? What about love? What about trust?” on a micro and macro level.  I understand the perspective and I appreciate that this perspective exists and that this deeply poetic and moving video has been manifested.

At the same time, if I were to respond to such a creative outcry for answers, I would suggest that the love and the trust and the freedom that we so deeply yearn for, lies deep within ourselves. I would also suggest that no government, educational institution, career or human being can give us the truth, love and light that we crave. In fact, what I have found to be true in this experience is that once we tap into love unconditional, trust and the divine freedom that everyone was born with regardless of their circumstances and physical environment; well, that is when we attract those thoughts and experiences and people that will attract the contrast of the pain, hurt, frustration and confusion that we feel at times due to disagreements.

Giving thanks for the impetus of revelation that “What About Us” has stirred within me, check out the video and let me know what you may suggest as we are all living our individual journeys, which means we all have insight and bits of truth to lend on the subject.

Produced by Steve Mac and co-written by Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, “What About Us” is the first single from Pink’s seventh album, ‘Beautiful Trauma’, released on October 13th.

💜Love & Light☀️,