One of the most beautiful aspects of Art is the fact that for some beings on the planet it serves as therapy and a vehicle to make sense of, question, expose or critically challenge established narratives and so called truths of this world. And this week’s featured Artist does just that.

Multimedia Artist Soheila Sokhanvari, originally trained as a Persian miniature painter, was born in Iran. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design before studying at Goldsmiths in London. With direct reference to Iran and Persian culture, Sokhanvari explores variations of metaphor with the uncanny ability to express the inexpressible as it relates to the common narratives of the protection of national borders, control and security.

As opposed to shying away from the trauma that lingers in the collective consciousness or even causes mass amnesia, Sokhanvari runs towards it. She says, “that the act of experience is not the same as its representation.” There are many layers to the act and those layers deserve to be explored. Sokhanvari uses her own traumatic childhood experiences and episodes of displacement caused by migration and the impact of other events as a consequence of political turmoil during her family’s lifetime for this exploration; thereby, creating politically and socially charged pieces of work that is forever memorable on the hearts of those who witness it.

Sokhanvari even goes as far as using politically sensitive materials such as Iranian crude oil and Lapis Lazuli to further communicate her perspective with deeper symbolism. Bright colors personally mixed from semi-precious pigments and gold leaf are also used to convey her autobiographically focused creative works that are deeply soaked with emotion and drenched with the historical events that question acts of humanity or the lack thereof.

If you are ever in London and want to check out Sokhanvari’s work, go to Wysing Arts Center, Cambridge where she is a resident artist.

💜Love & Light☀️,