COLD. ICE COLD. COOL AS ICE, in fact. Yes, DOPE and brilliantly wavy and poetic with great hughes of depth lyrically: VICTOR KWESI MENSAH a.k.a VIC MENSA; a KING from Hyde Park in the city Chicago, IL. A life warrior, who has gone to hell and back to realize his power and dreams. A true visionary, paying his dues and completing his self-actualization matrix course; thereby, running full speed towards his full potential and destiny. NO FEAR.


And oh does this young and gifted Artist have a testimony to rap about. Between finding and extricating his personal deamons in the pursuit of aligning with his higher self AND being in the middle of a joint-venture bidding war between Jay Z and YEEZY, the young jedi Mensa; has without a doubt, faced a few hurdles and rocked out in a few valleys to say the least.

Mensa’s latest track entitled, “There’s A Lot Going On”, will echo the aforementioned truths as Art is a reflection of life indeed. “There’s A Lot Going On”, is a musical portrait of Mensa’s road to success and personal liberation. If you listen to the lyrics, you are bound to discover rubies and gems for your life. We call that: FRUITFUL WISDOM.


If you lazer focus on the minimialistic video of Mensa in one location, in one pair of pants, from one brain, spitting you the most convicting and revealing bars you have most likely not heard on the radio in a while, you are sure to have your mind blown. We call that: AUTHENTICITY.

And the heat through the entire song is nonstop as the lyrical content and authentic high energy of the delivery is on a new level to carry its listeners all the way up; not just in the moment, but in life! And we call that ladies and gentlemen: THE POWER OF HIP HOP.

To top everything off; did I tell you that this lyrical soldier has an unmitigated swag and belief that would turn an aetheist into a believer?

Well… he does. So sit back and listen to this King, writer, visionary,  and Alexander Wang’s WANGSQUAD member tell you about the trials and tribulations and the lessons he has embarked upon already and let us know if you rocked out with Mensa like we did.

Stay up!

💜Love & Light🌞,