Now you know summer is creeping up when you start hearing songs like Zoey Dollaz‘ “Blow A Check” Remix. Wratched, flashy and make you want to stunt on your haters one time, I guess some part of you has to love this record. And if not you, your alter ego of course.


It’s catchy and star studded with Zoey, Daddy and French Montana, who by the way, hands down has the best top line on the record, “Runnin’ through the paper like Scott Storch”. Now anyone in music knows that Scott Storch is super paid. Can anyone say Royalty game on Smash!


Anyway, to see these three gentleman swagged out, suited and booted and running through the checks like pimps run through hoes ….. Well, it’s exciting, pique’s your imagination for sure and paints the perfect picture of what the Summer 2016 has to lend because if you blowing through the checks, you earned checks to blow. And that means, you are blessed. It also says you are not frugal, but most people who like to enjoy life, spend a bit of cash.


Just being real and straight up about it today. Cause,….

“I’m just tryna
Run through the money, run
I’m just tryna
Run through the money, run
I’m tryna blow a check
I’m tryna blow a check
Tryna pull up in a foreign
And make them niggas upset
Run through the money, run
Run through the money, run
Run through the money, run”


💜Love & Light🌞,