It’s APRIL and I know you are sold you knew that, but let me tell you something about someone you did not know! Ms.April Roomet, is the best thing going since FASHION was FASHION and I may not be the first to tell you, but I am about to make it known to those who did not know! Roomet has been at it over a decade and killing the game softly or maybe not! If you are wondering where you have seen Roomet, then let’s talk about THE RAP GAME. Yup! She is the go to girl for all of the top notch guys and gals you know.


Roomet came out the gates running and has not stopped since! Starting out with dope artists like NAS, R. KELLY, & SNOOP DOGG just to name a few. When it’s all said and done, she’s the right hand. Now let’s really talk about THE RAP GAME! Roomet is also Mr.Jermaine Dupri’s life saver on THE RAP GAME. She comes in and takes the new industry inductees’ FASHION game to the NEXT LEVEL. Roomet is not only the STYLE go to, but she is also the proud owner of the new coolest FASHION destination in LA, the WARDROBE DEPARTMENT.


The space is nothing like you have seen before and that is A promise. From the layout to the decor, it is a space created for FASHION and inspiration. Cristen and I had the pleasure of sitting with APRIL and it was simply incredible to hear her story and journey to where she is in the current moment. What I found most amazing is that we both had been in the STYLING industry for years and had never met each other, but we shared assistants! It was crazy that I would always hear her name and it would be nothing but good things. However, I could not put a face to the name until about 10 days ago.

These moments are the moments that make the journey and the travel worth wild and that is to say the least. Walking in purpose is something we all want to do, but when you come in contact with people who are already doing so, it truly sets the tone on what it is to create your destiny. This was something we discussed and it help shed light on the success that Roomet has had.

The WARDROBE DEPARTMENT is a direct reflection of the celebrity stylist and that proves the proof is in the pudding. If you don’t believe me go take a look for yourself. The WARDROBE DEPARTMENT is open and has the newest of anything you can think of from the YEEZY BOOST to custom pillows. Be sure to stop in and spend a coin or two!


Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè