One of the most dynamic aspects of art is the vulnerability and transparency it possesses and evokes emotionally. To see the truth of an artist’s vision come to life on canvas is a stunning experience and a noteworthy one, especially when it serves as the catalyst for you to dig a little more and peel back the layers of creative and divine expression that has manifested. And as you peel back the layers of the art, you some how expose your own personal layers to be peeled. And heART of Cool Art Tuesday Artist, Nina Klein, has successfully evoked these beautiful emotions within me.


Painter, Nina Klein, who resides in LA, captured my attention when I first laid eyes on one of her paintings on instagram. I was softly stopped dead in my tracks and received life in a pastel visual fashion. Vivid, tender and wondrously authentic, the perspective Klein offers is one of a soft and natural, pastel feminist nature. Signifying her ode to femininity and female life experiences of love, fear, sensuality and confidence, Klein uses “creamy pinks, soft blues, skin tones, and a raven black” according to Ant Hill. And I totally understand what she is talking about after further exploring Klein’s work.


Klein, is clearly a unique oil on canvas type of girl. She has an incredibly crazy and eloquent ability to draw that appears to be free of limitations and all about further exploration to produce self-inspiration and empowerment, which is sure to mobilize and inspire others. And how do I know that? Well, because Klein has inspired and motivated me; therefore, the proof is in the pudding.


If there is one thing that we can take away from Klein, we should practice what we love every single day. And if we are committed to whatever that is, we will move closer to our highest form of operation, our purpose.


Nina Klein, you get the heART of Cool stamp beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and for allowing your natural beauty to shine through on and off the canvas.



💜Love & Light🌞,