So, a bit of a NEWS FLASH here folks. If you are like me and love your 🔥HOT🔥 baths and lava showers, you may want to reconsider your gilded daily ritual. I most certainly have. It appears that taking the good ol’ “James Bond Shower” (also known as the “Scottish Shower”), which is freezing cold, has more health benefits than steaming your mornings away as hot rain falls over your body. This news was brought to my attention by my trainer, jitsu teacher and good friend Rico (@artofwwaarr). And after doing my own research – here is what I found out.

The advantage for our body and skin are tremendous and certainly worth a serious consideration to at least open ourselves up to re-programming the way we look at our pleasantries while keeping up flawless hygiene practices. Cold showers as opposed to hot showers burn fat, combats depression as well as the following:


As a result of the shock responsive deep breathing that aids in creating warmth and increasing our overall oxygen intake, our mental sharpness is acute and ready to get us through all the puzzles a day has to offer.


The cold water tightens our cuticles and pores and prevents them from being clogged. Additionally, the sealing of the skin and scalp, prevent dirt from seeping in.
With cold water, hair follicles flatten and grip the scalp, generating shiny, strong and healthy hair as well.


Cold water is a catalyst for blood to surround our organs, which diminishes heart and skin issues. The more blood circulates, the more efficient arteries pump that blood, boosting our overall heart health according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. Our blood pressure lowers, arteries unblock and immunity reaches new heights all as a result of committing to the “James Bond” way.


Cold showers promote brown fat in our bodies, which is the good fat that generates heat to keep us warm when we are exposed to chilling temperatures. According to a 2009 study, one could lose up to 9lbs if they take cold showers for 1 year.


In an attempt to ease delayed-onset muscles soreness, cold showers are extremely effective. Similarly, a 2009 study revealed that immersing the human body for at least a 24 minutes, relieved sore muscles for one to four days after the body was exerted in physical exercise. The water temperature was 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 15 degrees Celsius.


Our tolerance to stress and disease can improve immensely as a result of the hardening that occurs when we throw ourselves “cold turkey” into a cold substance. In a study conducted in 1994, a decrease of uric acid levels appeared after the body underwent a cold stimulus. An increase of glutathione (an antioxidant that ensures optimal performance of other antioxidants) also is apparent as a consequence of cold showers.


A large amount of electrical impulses are sent from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain from the severe impact of cold receptors when our bodies are submerged in cold water. This equates to a heck of a “pick me up”, boosting our mood and serving as a antidepressant. A 2008 study where cold hydrotherapy was practiced by taking showers that were 38 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three minutes, had an analgesic effect and proved to be a treatment for depression that did not cause human dependency.

You know what I admire most about athletes and soldiers – their discipline and ability to sacrifice and stretch their bodies and minds in order to achieve greatness beyond measure. They face challenges and pain head on courageously in an attempt to make them irrelevant. In order to be successful at what they do, the honoring of their bodies is most imperative and the most important reality. With all of the pluses spelled out in taking cold showers, There is no mystery why athletes and soldiers take ice-cold baths and showers.

It may seem horrifying at first, but know that EVERYTHING that one achieves in life, takes great sacrifice. Can we sacrifice 25 minutes of perceived pleasure for a lifetime of improved health? I KNOW I CAN.

Perhaps we should embark upon a 30 day cold shower challenge. I think I like the idea of that. Stay tuned for details and be sure to watch the video of a Navy SEAL explaining why we should be ending our showers with cold water.


💜Love & Light☀️,