Last night  was nothing short of spectacular! Cristen and I attended the exclusive Karen Bystedt celebration to recognize Andy Warhol at Hyde on sunset, an SBE venue here in Los Angeles. The artist of honor included  Chris Brown, Peter Tunney, Gregory Siff, and  Spencer Mar along with others. The SBE group really outdid themselves with a fabulous set up and presentation! We walked in and their was art everywhere with cool kids flooding the space!


The pieces were very nicely done and accented in a special way by each artist. Karen did a spectacular job at showing her diverse way of thinking. Each peace had its own feel and really took you on a ride! Cristen and I are art enthusiasts so we truly appreciated this. We had a chance to have a few words with my good friend Chris Brown who he made it clear that this was something he was excited about and could not wait for his next exhibit with Karen. This event was definitely one for the books and can give you a bit of an idea of how exciting Miami Art Basel will be. We have some amazing things in the works for all of the art junkies!

Stay tuned and stay colorful until next time…

Signing Off
– Cris and Tash