For all of you out there that missed out on the Yeezy Boost 350s and for the chosen few who may be wearing them as you read this, perhaps you may be inspired to purchase the phone case 
sold by @kickposters which is ?% inspired by Kanye’s latest collaboration with Adidas.
There is no doubt that West’s collaboration with Adidas are the trainers of the year.  These shoes  are responsible for  thousands of raffles drawn, winners announced, and servers worldwide that crashed in record time simply because millions of sneaker and fashion enthusiasts were desperate to purchase the highly anticipated shoe that seemed to sell out before they even went on sale.
With the riveting controversy and conversation and admiration that arose from West’s manifestation of the Yeezy Boost 350s, it is not surprising that the creative energy is still evolving and now the phone case has materialized.  Kickposters is a UK based company that is known for their original sneaker illustrations and limited edition posters. “The ideal prints for sneaker heads.” Yes, check them out because their company concept is pretty authentic and cool and if you love trainers or sneakers, whatever it fancies you to call them, you may just be creatively inspired.
If you happen to purchase one of these, send us a pic and give us the report!