Kendrick Lamar

Did anyone catch Kendrick Lamar’s performamce of “The Blacker The Berry”, “Alright” and a new song at the 58th annual Grammy Award Show this past Monday? Tash and I most certainly did. Phenomenally powerful, beautifully poetic and wildly poignant, Lamar’s creative musical presentation was a modern-day black nationalistic call to action. The band played jazz and hip hop tunes in the prison cells as Lamar rapped across stage traveling from scene to scene in the industrial prison complex as if he was performing in a sold-out broadway theater show.

And the messages from Lamar’s album, “Pimp Like A Butterfly”,  was right on time with highlighting all of the killings of young black boys these past couple of years, whether by police or their very own peers. The power of music is indisuptable and has a reputation for being a vehical of social change and postive identity formation. The fact that black people created all of American’s original genres of music, it was great to see Lamar’s creative protest be so well received.

Check out the video and let HOC know what inspires you most about it.

💜Love & Light🌞,