So the media has been holding back information as usual but this time I think it is on a whole new level.

The largest prison work strike is now in its third week! The strike currently involves 20 prisons some of which are in California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, and New York amongst others that are still participating in hunger strikes, marches and worker occlusion. The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee says at one point approximately 20,000 prisoners were on strike.


Of course protesting does not come without punishment so prisoners have been confined to their cells and denied phone access while organizers have been placed in the same solitary units that they were protesting against. What’s even crazier is that they are in the third week of this madness AND you have not even heard one thing about it. Hmmmmm…

While searching for some information on the story I found that as of now, there have only been three other outlets that have dared to write or even mention this story! This truly shows you that the media is not really about sharing information, so be careful what you take in on the tube guys…lest you give way to the inmates running the asylum.

Signing Off!