I absolutely love cartoons, and my favorite cartoon is back in the game!

It was speculated that TOY STORY and VANS shoes would be doing a collaboration and it is here folks! TOY STORY is over 20 years old and everyone had a person they loved in it weather it was BUZZ or WOODY! It is clear enough people loved it because PIXAR made a decision to partner with VANS shoes and do an exclusive collaboration of shoes clothes and cool memorbilla. The collection will feature some character inspired sneakers with visuals of LIL BO PEEP, BUZZ, WOODY and more, all products will be available to everyone. It is said that the sales of the brand will tripple the sales and awareness of both brands, which sounds 100% right! VANS is one of the second largest shoes companies in the world with their top sellers being in the SKATE world.


I am soooooo excited to see the product in person I think it would behoove me not to have a pair of the lows for sure! You can look forward to VANS TOY STORY collection releasing on October 7th in the U.S. and November 29 in Europe they will also be available at all VANS store front’s! The line may be long so to all you online shoppers you will even have a chance to get your hands on some things the products will be available online as well!

Signing Off