Greetings Dear Ones!

Today’s illumination is of the Sun, the brightest star in our solar system.

The Sun holds the key to our life on planet Earth; its emanation of light is our life force. The Sun provides life sustaining frequencies and transformative codes for our body. All life receives energy from the Sun, without it there would be far less life on our planet. When we consume our food, we are also consuming the Source energy from the Sun’s light. It is from this sacred light that we are provided our holy lives.


The practice of absorbing light from the Sun has been practiced for centuries and is often referred to as  “Sun Gazing” or “Sun Eating”. Our ancestors understood the relation between the Sun and health. From the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians, many past societies revered Sun gazing as an esoteric practice for high-ranking priests and shamans. Today, it is experiencing resurgence in popularity and Sun gazers claim it has its benefits.


Sun gazing is only one of the many ways we can learn from the stillness within. An opportunity to allow light to penetrate beyond our conscious minds opens new pathways. Allowing the light information from the Sun to recharge our brain and awaken cells within us. The benefits of Sun gazing has been studied and practiced by Hira Ratan Manek (referred to as HRM). HRM has been living off of the Sun’s energy since 1995 and has not had solid food since. Doctors from universities such as the Thomas Jefferson University and University of Pennsylvania have studied HRM. Many tests and a strict 24-hour surveillance were administered to HRM, for up to 200 consecutive days. The results were astounding; his health continuously flourished and was he enlivened from the Sun’s energy alone. At the age of 76, HRM was healthier than the average middle aged American.


I invite you to continue your own research of the benefits of gazing into the Sun. As with all practices, you must first learn the principles and safety guidelines. Generally, it is safe to stare into the Sun the first hour of sunrise and the hour before sunset. These times are when the UV index is at a zero. It is also recommended to begin with small 5-10 seconds of direct eye contact, followed daily with small consistent increments. Below I will attach sources for continued education.

As always, I am sending out love and healing energies to all of you.
Kyle Polansky