Well as they say there’s a first time for everything so why not take a seat at the table!

For the first time in history 2 sisters have number one albums at the same time. Of course, it’s not too surprising that BEYONCE and sister, SOLANGE, are breaking records left and right since SOLANGE dropped her debut album, SEAT AT THE TABLE. Not only is this ground breaking, it is truly a part of history in a few ways. I also learned that no 2 sisters have both ever had albums on I-tunes at the same time!


This is truly the new age and the new way of doing things. For those who haven’t heard, SEAT AT THE TABLE, it is by far the best piece of musical work the business has come in contact with in a while. SOLANGE really did an amazing job at setting the tone for REAL music. I guess she caught wind of the desperate ask to bring the 90’s back.


As the times continue to grow, the digital space will grow 2 times faster allowing artist to get even closer to their fans although SOLANGE has already been doing that. For any one who has not been to a Saints party it is definitely a home for the cool kids. SOLANGE hand picks the DJ’s which are all incredibly talented and she add’s a YOGA element that soothes the mind before you enter that musical journey! This is what you call managing your fan base. I mean she released a full album that went number one with no major label deal. NOW that’s what I call boss moves.

Congrats and keep breaking records guys. It’s all about the culture!

Signing Off!