The iconic connection between the world of fashion and music is always dynamically and beautifully explored if MADE LA has anything to do about it. And last week, heART of Cool (HoC) got a pretty SWEET VIP encounter with the brilliant Milk MADE collaboration.

Jeremy Scott‘s runway presentation of the MOSCHINO Menswear and Women’s Resort 2017 collection had such a rich authenticity and flavor to it that it seemed as if Fashion Week was well and alive as if we were in NYC. Not only did we see a bold no holds bar wavy 70s inspired runway show, but we also caught glimpse of some wicked women pieces as well.


The psychedelic and floral patterns and embroidery along with in your face accessories accessories rocked my world as always. There is simply no doubt that Jeremy Scott is right up my alley and definitely speaks my language when it comes to courageously living out loud and in color. In fact, as I was gawking at some of the fashion backed up with crazy style, I overheard a spectator say, “Who would wear these loud clothes everyday?” And that is when I politely turned around and said, “I most certainly would.”

The reality is that there are no rules in fashion. And the ones who think that there are rules, are actually stunting the growth and potential that fashion has to evolve. I believe that fashion is connected to the way in which human beings decide to dress their avatar; thereby, expressing themselves. And there simply are no rules when it comes to being authentic and sharing your own swagged out light with the world. As long as you FEEL empowered and amazing in it, that literally is all that matters as you are the one wearing the clothes; the clothes are not wearing and controlling you as a person.

Check out some of my favorite looks and footage of the actual MOSCHINO Menswear and Women’s Resort SS17 runway show and let us know what you think.

💜Love & Light🌞,