ASAP has done it again and this time in a very classy way! ASAP is one of four artists chosen for DIOR’S latest campaigns. In case you have not caught wind of the new movement DIOR has created, just think back to the last commercial you saw with actress CHARLIZE THERON. DIOR has spent the past 5 years rebuilding its brand and it has been a ride! With brand ambassadors like MILA KUNIS to FASHION campaigns shot with ASAP ROCKY; the evolution is happening.

ASAP has been at the forefront of FASHION for some time now, making it clear he is on the scene and not going anywhere for a while. ASAP takes the lead in several of the pieces from the new collection and it is stunning! My favorite is the red trench coat look that is scarlet and fitted to the frame as DIOR does best.


Now what was really crazy to me is that ASAP would even be an option for a campaign of this caliber and not that he is not DOPE and doesn’t have the PERFECT frame, but DIOR is known to be one of the more polished brands and that is just fact. The brand typically flocks to the more shinier artists. This must be a part of the next level marketing activation. The brand expressed how they felt ASAP had the perfect sense of masculinity, which I can agree with I must say.

ASAP over the years has really done a great job at showing the growth of not just himself, but his brand. This is a trait that is hard to find in artists coming out now a days. Everybody is just about a quick response or being famous as they say; and it really isn’t about that. When you allow your followers to grow with you, it allows that space to truly appreciate major accomplishments such as this. It takes hard work to get it done, but it also takes just as much work to position yourself to be able to take advantage of such moment.


Signing Off!