This past weekend was tough for people all over America and we are still feeling the affects. As we all know or may have heard, their was a tragic shooting in ORLANDO, FLORIDA that left 49 people dead and 50 injured. As I furthered my research, I came across an interview done by one of the victims. And it literally brought me to tears. I  will share a few of the details with you all. You may want to read with caution as it is heavy material.


Kyle Anferernee is one of the victims in this past weekends tragic shooting. He is currently in ICU, but awoke briefly to share his story with his best friend Shacara. Shacara has been at Kyle’s bedside since the incident happened! She said Chris went to use the bathroom and as soon as he came out he heard gunshots and immediately ran back into the bathroom.


The bathroom was super small and there were only two stalls; a really big one and a really little one. Chris told me about 15 to 20 people rushed in the bathroom and they heard him coming. Once he entered the bathroom, the assailant started shooting. As he was doing this he was laughing. He then reached over the stalls and let off some rounds. One of the victims was shot 12 times and they were only able to remove 11. She remains in ICU.

This situation is far more than crazy I often find myself pondering about it. So many people lost loved ones and it is truly sad. We may not ever understand what has happened, but it is a wake up call on so many levels. Self love is a true element of life that has to be practiced. And when it is not, it is taken out on others.


Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè