Chills everywhere, is the best description to explain how you are about to feel as you experience Maimouna Youseff’s performance on Tiny Desk. She has melodies for days coupled with the most soulful and angelic voice that will morph into some of the most potent and heartfelt rhymes one has ever heard in a millisecond. Grammy nominated singer, song writer and mc – Yes, Youssef can rival with the best of them and freak a scale and riff in a matter of seconds. Talent in the raw and anointed by the ancestors that paved the way for her, Youssef is more than an Artist – She is a QUEEN and a natural born leader for all women across the globe.

One of the most authentic, vibrant and poetic spirits I have met in a while, Youseff is a sister and friend that I hold very dear to my heART. A real one ☝ since day one. And her brilliance is wild, piercing beneath the surface of any subject and speaking to the core of human truths in such a social and politically tumultuous time such as this.

Youssef is courageous and reminds us what true Artistry is about – reflecting an authentic perspective of truth deriving from the life one experiences. “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”, so everything we do, especially in the Arts, stems from a spiritual place. A woman who is not afraid to not just preach the aforementioned but to actually model it no matter what backlash she may receive, is none other than Youseff.

Unapologetically black and here to celebrate soul Music and its ability to historically carry us through the highs and lows of life, Youseff and her spirit guides came to slay, bearing narratives of bondage turned into freedom and miracles for everyone to learn from. With stellar guests such as Black Thought from the Roots and the one and only DJ Dummy of The Vintage Babies, check out one of the best concerts on Tiny Desk to date starring Maimouna Youssef.

Maimouna, Sis, you’ve been had the heART Of Cool STAMP. 🌈 I ♥ U 💋.

💜Love & Light☀,