Often times, I find myself in conversations with young aspiring entrepreneurs and they want to know how to create the next “big thing”. They feel that in order to be wildly successful you have to manifest something new and grandiose. However, I always remind them that, that’s just not the case. And that often times the brand new phenomenons that evolve into culturally impactful movements and super financially rewarding projects, were not necessarily new at all. Sometimes, it’s easier just to sit back for a minute to think about how you could make a product or service better that’s already in the marketplace. An amazing example of this is the company, LIME.  This particular brand brought an idea to the LA marketplace that includes both a product and service, both of which are not new.

The product is a scooter and the service is providing transportation from point A to point B in a more eco-friendly, effortless and safe way to get around in LA. You can operate it via downloading their app and you don’t have to worry about someone easily stealing the scooter as a chip is encoded inside of the device that of course serves as a tracking device. BONUS: LIME even will pay you if you charge the scooters over night and place them back on the streets in the am.

Who would have thought electric scooters planted like eggs in an Easter egg hunt would appear all of the city affording human beings to transport themselves in a more economical fashion. It’s a brilliant idea to me and it’s simple. In fact, “tech giants, Uber and Google-parent Alphabet, offered their blessing to the red-hot electric this week by leading a group of investors to pump $335 million into scooter-sharing startup, Lime, in a fundraising round that values Lime at a whopping $1.1 billion.”

Let’s see who ends up winning the best version of this idea between Lime, Bird & Spin. However, for now, LIME – you get the heART Of Cool STAMP ♥️. Thank you for bringing this simple and groovy idea into fruition.

💜Love & Light☀,