NPR’s tiny desk concerts are wildly captivating in a brilliantly simplistic way. Why? Well, because it is intimate and some how looking at your favorite musicians performing at Bob Boilen‘s desk in the NPR Music office, erases the idea of the celebrity and brings into fruition – the idea of the human being. A light being, who is comfortable in his or her skin or sometimes not so much, but still finds it within themselves to shine their undeniable light, sharing their God-given gifts with the world in a non pompous way. It’s absolutely beautiful.

My favorite one to date is Daniel Caesar’s unveiling with a special guest appearance by H.E.R. Caesar wears no mask and he sings with so much effortless conviction that it literally mesmerizes you. It’s the most beautiful interaction. Additionally, Caesar  has such a fresh perspective and understanding of what Love really is and how it should feel that he shares through some of the most poetic lyrics I have heard in a while. And in a world where love and lust seem to be synonymous; hearing the truth about what Love actually sparks within and through you, really makes me glow from the inside-out.

So, check out the video and allow the inspirational energy created by intimacy coupled with raw talent, inspire you to new levels of awareness, transparency and love – for yourself and with others.

💜Love & Light☀,