Greetings Dear One!

In today’s modern world we don’t always have access to spend hours in a temple or on top of a mountain practising maintaining our alignment. Now days we work long hours and have many commitments throughout the day and week. One thing we can do to help us maintain our alignment is to create a sacred space in our home or in our internal world.

Creating a practice that allows you to drop in with your Self and monitor your feelings daily is crucial for creating peace and space to thrive. Being vibrational beings, we are bombarded daily by frequencies and subliminal messaging. We are meant to be in the world but not of the world, maintaining our light and bringing it with us wherever we are. We can begin to make time for ourselves in the morning upon waking, throughout the day and or in the evening when we are beginning to rest our minds and bodies.


There is numerous ways in which we can create a sacred space in our home or within our mind. Creating positive affirmations can assist us in maintaining a healthy perspective of our mission and life. We can also set aside a special corner in our homes dedicated to Spirit and the lifestyle we want to live. This sacred space can have a vision board, crystals, fresh flowers, and statues, whatever it is that you resonate with at the time. Listening to something inspirational in the morning or throughout the day will also help us maintain a higher perspective on our life.

We are here to create the change we want to see in this world. This involves us creating balance within ourselves and being able to bring this balance wherever we are called in our life. I encourage you to create and maintain a sacred space for your Self. In this way, you will create balance and clarity in your life and share it with others.

Sending you all love and sacred energies on this day,
Kyle Polansky