Greetings Dear Ones and welcome back to another reading!

There has been this pressing energy upon my heart lately, surging to get out to all of you. This pressure within my heart is the expansiveness of the frequency of love. We are each powerful creators, living on this planet as a spark of the Divine. We come here to incarnate to heal and to teach souls, which have been taking many lifetimes to resolve this information.

As I continue to evolve, gathering information, accepting more light into my personal vibratory field. It is my duty to begin BEING this embodiment of all that is, to share it with all of YOU. As ONE we evolve, we change and bring in the new Earth. We are each powerful beings, co-creating the new Earth that is here now. The message is to BE, live within the highest frequency of all- the frequency of LOVE.


It is our duty to open and activate our Heart chakras, to fully embody the image of God that we have been created as. We are each here to unite, to share, to live and to experience these lives we’ve been given. To accept and develop our spiritual gifts and unique abilities. We each have a unique soul mission; it is our life’s purpose to discover this mission. Once discovered, to pursue it with a fire as bright as the Sun. With passion and vigor, consistency and knowledge of purpose, we unite as ONE on this planet to create new Earth.


I am consciously pursuing my mission, spreading love and light to all that I can. Constantly diving deeper into the depths of my inner Being, releasing and healing all that needs enlightening. This way, I can fully pursue my mission in bringing this light information to all of you. All I ask is that you continue to water those precious seeds with love. Be gentle with your Self, be kind to all and continue to love as a spark of the Divine.

Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky