KINGDOM. Although this track is not new, it is sure TRUE. And the commentary is definitely relevant with all of the recent tragic manifestations of our American social climate. This MC needs no introduction. His multifaceted career up to date speaks for itself from Grammys to a Golden Globe and an Oscar. Of course a member of the heART of Cool family because he is a personal mentor and friend, COMMON, offers his artistic perspective on some of the plagues within the black community from the perspective of his hometown; the Southside of Chicago, where more young Black Americans kill other Black Americans than any other city in America.

Listen to KINGDOM and share your thoughts. Let us know what naturally comes to you after looking at the visuals. As members of the human race, if hundreds of children a year are dying in America, why have we not ALL, collectively as a nation, protested that?

Every nation has a history and plagues just like everyone will eventually transition and die physically. However, we do not have to be a product of our environment. We can actually rise above it all and transcend the physical manifestations of this world.

Love is the answer.

💜Love & Light🌞,