AHHHHHHH, is literally my level of excitement about the new blockbuster film, “The Suicide Squad”! This film for those of you that do not know, is one of the biggest remakes in the movie business! THE SUICIDE SQUAD, is a new level of action and excitement and this is what movie going is all about! The crazy star studded cast is one of the biggest since TROPIC THUNDER. I have such a love for directors that are able to capture a few different things at one time and this is totally the approach in THE SUICIDE SQUAD. Now of course I know that with WILL SMITH playing an action hero it could not be better, but my true wonder is all about the JOKER and HARLEY QUINN!!!!!!


The joker in the SUICIDE SQUAD is played by JARED LETO, who I totally have a crush on when he plays the bad guy! Now HARLEY QUINN is played by MARGOT ROBBIE, who is the new face on the scene but coming in extremely HOTT. And of course we love a lot of the other cast members like BEN AFLECK, CARA DELEVINGE, COMMON and others.


The film was directed by DAVID AYER, who has done a few films we all know about, one of which is “TRAINING DAY”! AYER is one of the few directors who has been around and understands exactly what it takes to make a great film. This, for sure, explains the heavy cast choice!


Well, I am trying to contain my excitement because this film is not set to hit the box office until AUGUST and I cannot wait! If you have a save the date system, I would suggest you go ahead and lock that in. This will be one you do not want to miss.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè