I was perusing through my Instagram yesterday and stumbled across a post KING SALADEEN had posted and it was such a shocker, but not! The photo was of a collaborative piece both he and Mr. Flawless had done together and it was dope!

Now of course with them both being NY natives you would of course expect this! What I found most creative was the piece had parts of the both of them which is what makes great collaborations in my opinion.

KING SALADEEN  has been treading the ART scene very closely keeping his finger on the pulse as best he can. And a piece like this really sets the tone and gets him over the hill in my opinion. Mr.Flawless on the other hand, who I have been a fan of for a while has been rocking the LIFESTYLE space for ages now. And it is clear that he has a great idea of what it takes to be number one in his industry.

Kudos to the both of them on a job well done!

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè