Witty, heart wrenching, and down right soulful capture the essence of Adele’s epic ballad, “Hello”, which was released Friday, October 23rd. Simply poetic and divinely simple, yet deep, the video depicts the lyrics of the song rather creatively and to the T as Adele belts out the lyrics in an effort to reconcile a past love gone unexpected or expected, but nonetheless gone wrong.
There is no doubt that Adele’s voice evokes a particular emotion in everyone whose ears happen to stumble upon this gem that is sure to be at the top of the charts for quite some time. It’s  safe to say that everyone can pretty much relate to the emotional chord she is strikingly singing so be careful how long you allow your mind to go down memory lane.
It is outstanding to know that since Adele’s release of 21, which sold 30 million copies, “Hello” seems to have declared that the young mega star, is here for yet another round to authentically shine just as bright if not brighter than her last round with the album, 21.
The video, “Hello”, was filmed in Montreal and directed by Xavier Dolan. Pharell Williams, producer Danger Mouse, Canadian singer-songwriter Tobias Jessi Jr., Damon Albarn and Phil Collins are rumored to have a creative hand in the album 25 that is said to be released on Friday, November 20, 2015.