Last year Rick Owens showcased an audacious ensemble of male’s penises that played peekaboo with spectators at his fashion show.  According to went, “balls to the wall with pushing the envelope”.
This year in Paris, the bold innovative designer once again blew minds, dropped jaws and inspired paradigm shifts in the fashion world with his Spring/Summer 2016 collection fashion show, where women models wore other models as accessories. Talk about taking it to the next level in a powerful and symbolic way like never done before! Owens allowed his artistic imagination to run wild, had the guts to manifest his vision and created the couture Cirque Du Soleil experience that will forever be memorable to those who witnessed it’s procession.
It’s clear that Owens brings somewhat of a higher purpose and awareness to his fashion shows with being the only designer that found the intersection of art, fashion, life and new age feminism that focuses on positive bonds between women.
Owens declared, “I see [my vision for the collection] being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood… Women raising women, women becoming women, and women supporting women,” Owens also said in another statement. “Straps can be about restraint, but here they are all about support and cradling. Straps here become loving ribbons.”
The most captivating element of all of this is the fact that in Owens testing the waters of imagination and possibility with his SS16 collection, we see what it looks like for a seasoned creative to push himself to
fearlessly make a commitment to highlight and draw near to higher principles and themes that can be explored through  fashion.
Owens really showed the depths and heights of what real creativity and authentic vision can produce even in the crazy world of fashion if you simply have the guts to go through the process it takes to carry out your vision. For two decades, Owens has learned how to take the ideas he produces in his creative bubble based on an alternate reality with his creative collective and ensure that all of the previous mentioned variables equate a commercially successful business is altogether outstandingly aspirational and inspirational to a creative and social entrepreneur such as myself.
To Mr. Rick Owens, WELL DONE!
– Cris