The death of Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest has sent a mournful shock through the Hip-hop community.  Yesterday, Hip-Hop fans, artists, enthusiasts and even spectators expressed their condolensces for the great loss of one of the most dynamic and influential emcees. AllHipHop and heART of COOL family member super DJ Just Dizle, have joined forces to celebrate the life and times of the Queen-bred emcee.


Phife was more than the other MC not named Q-Tip in ATCQ. He was an invaluable asset to the group’s identity and a fixture in Hip-Hop. His words: “Hip-Hop will never die, yo”, has touched every corner of the globe and therefore has contributed to the revolutionary movement that Hip-Hop champions even to this veey day.

Malik Taylor has not died; he has merely changed form, but yet he left a gift as his music still remains for us to enjoy and draw a source of inspiration from.  It is through the music in our hearts, that Malik Taylor, a.k.a. PHIFE DAWG remains alive forever.


So check out a snippet of Phife Dawg’s legacy below presented by AllHipHop and DJ Just Dizle. Long live the King. God the soul of Malik Taylor and all of his family members across the globe.

💜Love & Light🌞,