Has anyone noticed the drone revolution taking place? Well, we most certainly have, in fact, the drone phenomenon and all of its innovative commotion, is just in the beginning stages. With the ever-increasing commercial drones popping up everywhere, drones are a main point of conversation, especially when it comes to performance art, industry research and of course military endeavors. Amazon even has incorporated drones into their business model and they call it Amazon Prime Air, where packages are delivered to you by an unmanned aerial vehicle within 30 minutes. All Facts.


While at SXSW in Austin, TX at the WeDC house, I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder, Avery L.Brown and other leaders such as Wachira Reed of Drone Airspace Management (DAM). Brown and Reed definitely hipped me up to a few facts about drones and the promising future their technology offer mankind and the planet.

With a mission to “build out the UAS (drone) community and drive innovative technologies into the market” and with a bonafide Aviation Administration team of officials with an average of 30 years of aviation experience; DAM is committed and has a proven track record of providing the, “safest, most efficient aerospace systems in the world.”


The dynamic beauty of DAM, is found in their understanding of the importance of supporting other entrepreneurs in the drone space in order for the larger drone community to be solidified and grow. DAM does not just seek to provide services in the drone space management arena, they strive to navigate UAV rules and actually create and expose monetization strategies for UAS technologies also.


Drones present the ability to forecast a new world and as cool and exciting as that sounds, FAA regulations in conjunction with safety concerns and privacy laws have most definitely interrupted the growth of commercial drone services. We will be sure to keep our eye on the latest developments of drone technology because I have a feeling that the “drone conversation” is far from over. In fact, we are going to hear more and more about these technology systems. And only time will tell us the depths of just how much drones will impact us as a human race.

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