Diddy has returned to his roots and gotten back to being Puff Daddy with The Family and they’re having a musical reunion through the MMM album. To commemorate the family reunion Puff Daddy & The Family has released a behind the scenes  look at the development of the MMM release.

“It’s uncut, it’s no lies, and its no  fabrication” says Puff in the film which summates the overall feeling of the documentary, 100%  raw with moving footage of intimate times behind the scenes. Alongside the patriarch, Diddy is joined in the documentary by a plethora of other musical great, family, and peers like Timbaland, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar.

“Only the songs survive, son. Even when I’m gone, everybody gone, my kids gone, my songs are gonna be here. Only the songs survive — believe that, Jack,” Puff states at the end of the doc finishing by saying, “because I only make smashes.”

What a better way to sum his sentiments up, tell us what you think of The Family’s reunion and the MMM Doc  in the comments below…