It started out like any other hump day. When the  middle of the week comes, everyone is starting to think about what they want to do for the weekend, and how they can’t imagine another two days of work for the week. Here in the land of LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION – Wednesday is home to ALL DEF DIGITAL COMEDY’s WEEKLY show.

The comedy show is hosted by Tony Rock, who is the brother of the recent Oscar’s host, Chris Rock, and who is no stranger to rocking the stage as well. The show is set in the Chinese Mann Theater with movie-style seating and couches on the main floor for special invites/VIPs.


The show a couple of weeks ago, was no disappointment. Tony Rock opened the show, congratulating a newly married couple and then jumped into a stage set of hilarity about how preparations for weddings are for the women, whereas guys would be cool sending out a group text for their “boys” to roll through for the ceremony.

As is the way of LA LA land, you never know who is going to roll through and this show brought the heat of California for sure.  Snoop Dog, rolled through and blessed the stage with an impromptu performance of “Gin and Juice” that had the crowd going wild. Other special performances included: Jordan Rock – little brother to Tony and Chris Rock and his first performance in Los Angeles. Jordan was also super excited when Snoop gave him a “special present” (you had to be there). DC’s own Red Grant, had the entire audience falling out of their seats with his rendition of “down in the DM” and acting out how guys react when Rihanna’s “Work” comes on in the club.


I cannot tell a lie; after seeing Michelle Buteau on stage, I have to say she is a woman after my own heart. Born to Caribbean parents, Buteau knows how to come in a room and command attention. Her jokes were spot on such as when she was gushing about her husband and how he “makes her feel like a Kardashian, you know special for no reason”. She definitely held it down for the ladies and gave the fellas’ a run for their money.

The other highlight of the night was an impromptu performance by an ADD employee herself. After Tony Rock had heckled the crowd asking for any singers in the room and only having Jacques Shamain from Arkansas (his name changed at least 10 times throughout the show); a proud mama decided to put her daughter on blast. The young lady ready to step up to the challenge surprised the audience with a fairly decent rendition of Adele’s Hello. Receiving a standing ovation from her boss Russell Simmons, we hope the young lady still has a job on Monday! Needless to say, you never know who will be in the room for an ALL DEF DIGITAL COMEDY night and having ADD in this instance – requires a strong stomach – no Ritalin required.

PS: We’re still waiting to hear that mixtape from Arkansas’ own. If you find him, tell him we want a sample at Heart of Cool!

With Love,

HOC Contributor