Zapata Domingo is a phenomenal and passionate artist, who was born in Mallorca, Spain. Not only is his art impeccable, but his business prowess is pretty groovey and on point too.


Licensing, real estate, the consumer brand space with the backdrop of raw and authentic passion have all navigated an unchartered territory of success for Domingo. And after doing a little investigation and learning about the history of this incredible artist, there is no doubt that he understands the value of creative partnerships and collaborations. And these facts; coupled with smart and hard work, is the reason why HeART of COOL (HOC) wants to acknowledge him for this week’s HOC Art Tuesday’s.


With 150 paintings created and 150 paintings sold between the price point of 70K and 275K, one can attest to the fact that this rooted, authentic and vibrant human being is truly in alignment with his purpose and calling on this planet. One of the best qualities of Domingo as a successful artist, is that he truly understands the importance of not forgetting where one comes from. And he even infuses this philosophy into his artwork. Domingo explains, ” I started painting polo horses, because when I was a kid, I was obsessed with polo and horses. My family was very humble so we couldn’t afford to do anything in that world, so I figured I would just paint it. So, I continue to create them today.”


Talk about the power of painting the reality you want to realize……..inspiring and aspiring indeed. Check out some of our favorite art pieces from Mr. Zapata Domingo and look out for an exclusive interview with this art Jedi later this week.


💜Love & Light🌞,