What is the formula for a great event for you? Here at heART of cool, we like to find unique experiences that curate formulas of intimacy, creative inspiration and a great cocktail every once in awhile. Two weeks ago, we were a part of an exclusive fashion art event, Maxwell Dickson and friends #LIMITED collection; that combined some of our favorite elements including a spicy cold whiskey infused with coffee by Fliquor Bean that sparked our tastebuds with love.


The event was held in Downtown Los Angeles at the California Market Center. As you walked through the doors you immediately saw a consortium of pop culture portraits flooded with psychedelic colors and hauntingly accurate depictions. The event also included Threadhausco, founded by Manny J Style stylist/designer who also presented a #limited edition of Cloaks screenprinted with Maxwell Dickson iconic photos in a fashion show. Event sponsors included: Peroni, Fliquor Bean, Hula Girl Beverages, LytBrand, The World Networks, Africa Fifty6, ThreadHaus and of course the family here at  heART of Cool.


Partial proceeds from the event were donated to Afrika Fifty6, an organization dedicated to “bringing art and creativity to underprivileged youth”. “We are happy to announce that the evening was a success, welcoming over 600 attendees and significantly benefiting Afrika Fifty6, an organization dedicated to bringing art and creativity to underprivileged youth in each of the 56 countries in Africa”,  says Maxwell Dickson Gallery representative. Celebrity attendees of the event included Anthony Konechny (X-Men: Apocalypse), ZZ Ward (Musician), Khleo Thomas (Holes), Rochelle Vincente Von K (Musician), Zach Peladeau (iZombie), Blake Cooper Griffin (Before You Say I Do), Dominic Leeder (Persona) and Spencer Grammer (Rick and Morty, Greek).





We hope you enjoy a few of the photos that we captured below. Stay tuned because in heART of cool land, you never know what adventure our kaleidoscope will focus in on next.

Stay classy cool kids.

HOC Contributor


About Maxwell Dickson

Maxwell Dickson is the brainchild of entrepreneurs James Freeman and Bart Cooper. Bart Cooper aka Maxwell Dickson is a Los Angeles based multi-faceted artist who fuses east coast swag with California cool to innovate and create a variety of home decor products with great design that takes center stage in any room, commercial or residential. Their empire has expanded rapidly and continues to grow, Maxwell Dickson art can be found in boutique hotels, creative office spaces, and homes around the world.