SANTIGOLD is the epitome of a classy well-rounded artist, as beautiful as all of the colors of the rainbow with a unicorn on top. An artist that truly reflects what we keep a cool eye out for, here at HeART of COOL (HOC).  Innovative, bold, humble, rooted, purposeful and with the unmitigated gall to BE HER AUTHENTIC SELF. A true and pure original.


For all of these reasons, I salute her as a female artist and entrepreneur for her latest album release, 99 cents. Highlighting her video, “Chasing Shadows”, Santigold is the featured artist for this week’s HOC Music Monday’s.


“Chasing Shadows” produced by Vampire Weekend’s Rustam Batmanglij and directed by Elliot Lester; is an auspicious account of the adverse impacts of fame and “success”. The entire video is a creative snapshot of Santigold spending a lonely and nostalgic fashion-forward Christmas Holiday, ALONE.


Santigold tells Pitchfork “Chasing Shadows” is about the ‘conflicted reality of an artist’s life’. “Caught in the web we spin around ourselves, a mixture of hubris and the guise of perfection, we fear being swallowed up by our own ambition. Never in the moment, as quickly as we reach our goals, our gaze shifts to those still looming in the distance. We judge ourselves harshly for not being further on the path and revel in the anxiety of racing the rate of consumption.” The lyrics weigh the value of going against the current to maintain artistic integrity, and the feelings of isolation and vacancy bred by a persona that is always “on” and ready for show.”


The price of fame and stardom is colossal. The sacrifice in this life experience that is required in order to climb the ladder and ride the wave of “success” is far beyond what anyone could ever imagine. The journey, although exhilarating and miraculous, is borderline suicidal.  Jay Z, himself, on a Bill Maher show forewarned stars about the drug called fame.


To see Pitchfork’s interview with Santigold about Chasing Shadows click here.

💜Love & Light🌞,