It’s a sad day in the music community; at least it is a sad day for me………..

This Morning I woke up and it was definitely hard hearing that musician, artist and father, SHAWTY LO, had passed away in a car accident at 2am this morning. To those who don’t know, SHAWTY LO is a musician from Atlanta, Ga who is known for huge records like LAFFY TAFF, F.I.L.A., BETCHA CAN’T DO IT LIKE ME and others. I remember all these records like it was yesterday. SHAWTY LO is responsible for a few records being broken. And not only is he known for breaking records, he is also known for creating a new sound. His record, BETCHA CAN’T DO IT LIKE ME, broke the digital download record for most downloads ever in the history of music. The last person to do that or even come close was SOULJA BOI.


LO created a lane for dance records to be bigger than pop records but they could also make it to pop genres. Now that’s what crossover really means! Aside from being a great artist, LO was also a great father and he leaves behind 11 children that everyone knows he loved.

Today, we all have taken a moment to go back and embrace the love he had for ATLANTA being one of many artist from the south that put on for areas like Bankhead and ZONE. These communities were communities, where he really resided. Being from the south and coming from nothing, you truly do understand what it is to give your people and your community a little love. It allows them to feel involved
And quite honestly, he had this entire  formula practically perfected.

The music game will not be the same without him…… LOVE AND PEACE TO HIS FAMILY IN THEIR TIME OF LOSS.


Signing Off!