Now that we’ve planted our seeds of creation and watered them with good intentions, it’s now time to allow them to flourish.

Part of the work with knowing what you desire and planting the seeds of creation is to accept that they are yours now, in the present moment. Accept that whatever it is that you desire, is yours. You must not only mentally affirm this but you must exude the energy, the emotion – energy in motion that matches this frequency. Affirming is not enough, you must feel the desire manifesting in full form now.


The second half to accepting that it is your divine birthright to have your desires is releasing it. You must release the need to be in control of HOW it gets to you. You will be blown away by how it does come to you. Release your need to know or create the how, that is the Universes decision and your angelic helpers work to do. You only have to sit back, put your feet up, maintain alignment with your intentions and know that it is coming to you now.


The inner work has to be done, the trust and faith in the inner knowingness that what you desire is your birthright to have. We as creative and powerful beings of light have the light on our side if we choose to align with it. It is where our inner peace lies, where our true happiness resides. Our home is in the Light; with the light we are One. You truly deserve all of the wonderful things that you desire; all you must do is the inner work to be in the receptive mode.

Sending you LOVE and healing energies, always.
Kyle Polansky