Last week after an eight year hiatus, the incomparable and impervious Goddess, Solange Knowles, dropped her album A Seat At The Table; without a doubt, Knowles shook the divine dust from her feet and now everyone should know that she has arrived and transcended her very own arrival…all at the same time! Most might miss that, but it won’t negate the fact, that it is most certainly true.

Above all of the industry politics and hoopla, Knowles’ project inspires other human beings to be intentional, bold, courageously authentic and the author of their own life narrative. In the avant-garde manner that is all her own, she unveils the vitality of standing in your truth and holding steadfast to the unique and magnificent voice God has gifted you.

Knowles is fearless and purposeful as she bares her soul for the world to digest and learn in a way that took her almost four years to convey. She dedicates A Seat At The Table to her parents, who have played a significant role in ensuring that Knowles knew who she was and whose she was in a world that most will agree is filled with lost souls. In a press release, Knowles profoundly shares that this body of work represents, “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief, and healing.” And boy, couldn’t every soul on the planet benefit from such a release? Even more so, given the current state of affairs and ignorance that seems to be running rampant in these days of Kali.

With 21 tracks all written by Knowles herself and with special contributors such as Q-tip, Dev Hynes, Kelela, Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland and The Dream, rest assure you are in for a delectable experience meant for the soul to capture. And of course you should not take my word for it…although it is accompanied by a serial list of celebrities that are championing A Seat At The Table such as Big Sis Beyoncé, along with Missy Elliot, Tracy Ellis Ross, Calvin Harris, Rashida Jones and the list goes on. But rather, I encourage you to listen it to it for yourself and create your own impression of it; finding the magic and learning the truth your lessons along the way reveal to you— that is what this life is all about.

In closing and coupled with these two dope videos, “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky” which were co-directed by Knowles and directed by her hubby and best friend, Alan Ferguson; I will leave you with an Instagram post Knowles posted below. Be encouraged and inspire and most of all, Be-U-Tiful.

Knowles Instagram post On Her 30th Birthday:

“Don’t eveeer let anyone write your story for you,” she captioned the post, after giving a timeline of her lifetime milestones. “They can talk, they can doubt, and they can say what they wanna, but only you have the words to narrate this ting we call life. So much gratitude for all of your wishes. So much gratitude for love. So much gratitude for freedom. So much gratitude for life.”

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills