I am literally the hugest TOM HANKS fan and I have been since I was kid! The Film industry has not encountered anyone like him since. With films like CAST AWAY and FORREST GUMP, how could anyone replace Hanks. He is certainly a class act to follow. Now we take it up a few notches and talk about his new film set to hit theatre in September, entitled SULLY. SULLY, is a BIOPIC  directed by the man himself Mr.Clint Eastwood!

Not sure how many of you are aware but CLINT EASTWOOD is one of my most followed directors. We all know EASTWOOD is a phenomenal actor and has blessed the big screen many times in many ways, but his directorial skill surpasses his acting on any day in my opinion. The two pairing up will be a blockbuster shocker as we haven’t seen too many films coming out with all the seasoned guys in one place and that is to say the least!


The film will be an re-enactment of the plane that had to be landed in the NEW YORK JFK HUDSON RIVER. I am sure we all remember that crazy landing that happened and saved 155 peoples lives. The story went from being about the plane needing A crash landing to the pilot that over saw the water landing becoming a national hero.


Mr. Hanks is set to play the pilot and will take this film to another level. We know taking it up a notch had to be the prime focus of CLINT EASTWOOD as Mr.Eastwood does not have too many films he shoots that do not include Hanks being the actor. It is so amazing to see the older guys of Hollywood stick together as they get older. And I only say that because the older guys are not really translating to the new generation, but films like this will spark interest and hopefully spark a fire to research!


Signing Off!