Hello! Welcome back to Thursday’s Health & Wellness informative!

Today we are going to turn our focus outwardly towards aspects of our physical body that we may often overlook. I would like you to begin with spreading awareness to the souls of your feet. With our feet placed on solid ground. Let us take a moment to completely relax the souls of our feet, our toes, the sides of our feet and the ankle region. Send focused breath with the intent to relax and open any energetic pathways in these spaces. Spread this awareness and conscious relaxation to your calves, the front and back. Now continue to spread this awareness to both sides of the knees and continue up the front and back of the thighs. Consciously relax and let go of your pelvic floor muscles. Relaxing the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone in the back.


Now bring your awareness into your stomach, focusing your breath to relax any tension or thoughts. Now expand your lungs wide and allow your ribcage to move fluidly as your lungs expand and contract. Next bring awareness to any tension hiding in your chest and shoulders. Release all tension by relaxing the muscles around the shoulders and neck. Continue to breath deep as you follow this energetic flow down your arms. Release your elbow joints, forearms and allow the currents of energy to flow through your hands and out your fingertips.


Finally we are going to focus on the facial features and head. Relax your throat and jaw; hollow out your mouth while you breath nasally. Relax the front and back of your tongue. Bring awareness to your ears and allow the tips and lobes be heavy. Relax the muscles behind the eyes, as well as the sides and inside corners of your eyes. Spread this awareness to the scalp, releasing out any tension and relaxing the entire head.


While maintain deep breathing and this conscious relaxed state, can you spread awareness to what your eyelashes feel like touching one another? Can you feel the cool air brushing over the space above the lip, through your nostril hair and into your lungs? Can you feel the energy moving through your body? Try to take this keen awareness wherever you go. Always know that you can check back in with your Self; really check in, at any moment.

Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky