A bunch of passionate cyclists; “NAVIC Cyclon Club”, which included myself as well, planned to ride throughout NCR until Neemrana, Rajasthan to spread awareness for the world and every individual who aspires for world peace and positive change. And, man, was this experience a once in a lifetime experience.


What is Ride for Peace and how was it born?

If you have never heard of the Mega Ride for Peace India, please do let me have the honor of introducing its initiative to you. It is an initiative to bring out the greater reality of brotherhood and peace within the communities of the entire world in order to oppose the hatred fabricated for vested interests. It all started after a small conversation during a weekly ride with my brothers a part of the NAVIC club. This dialog motivated all of us to decide to put energy towards changing the wrongful perceptions of people about various religions, while simultaneously, opposing the hatred spread by vested interests. We wanted to tell the people across the globe that no religion is bigger and better than another. As long as your spirituality connects you to the Supreme Source and helps maintain your spiritual health, that is the most important. Everyone faces problems in life and suffers as a result of terrorism, hunger and other social ills.

At the same time, we also wanted to promote the adventure of cycling and challenge our own limits in order to stretch ourselves as well.

About the Ride:

Full of enthusiasm,  the cyclists completed the two day cycle ride for spreading the message for Peace by NAVIC Cyclon Club. They passionately ride from the national capital, New Delhi, India to Neemrana, Rajasthan, India to do their part to raise awareness and spread love for world peace. The ride was held on Saturday, August 20th and ended Sunday, August 21st, covering appx 175 miles within 12 hours of continuous cycling except for when we spent the nignt in Neemrana. The cyclists started the journey with high spirits from the national capital and cycled appx. 32 hours to return at the same spot, covering various destinations including the beautiful fort of NEEMRANA, Rajasthan in two days.

The Cyclists were welcomed by the local political establishments near Neemrana Fort. NAVIC’s explained to media about the purpose of the ride and various means of spreading awareness and love for world peace. NAVIC’s explained the importance of brotherhood and idea of peaceful communities around. Adding further, NAVICs explained about their experiences and significance of nourishing environment.

There were support vehicles for the Cyclists at all times with bike repair facility, refreshments, and carrying additional bikes etc. This is the event that has everything – famous historical sites, less traffic roads, breath-taking scenery and plenty of climbing along well marked routes.

This “Ride for Peace” was advertised widely in the press and media while riders showcase the progress of secular community and its core values of loyalty, respect, tolerance and peace that resonate strongly with fundamental principles that represent INDIA.

I was so honoured and blessed to have such a dynamic ride with my brothers for ideas and principles that are bigger than us and the entire population on the planet combined.


Ride Details

Day 1 | Saturday 20th August, 2016

Cyclers covered the distance of apprx. 88 Miles & arrived at NEEMRANA fort, Rajasthan Dinner and overnight stay at Golden Tulip Resort, Neemrana

Day 2 | Sunday 21st August 2016

Cyclers covered the distance of apprx. 88 Miles in the clear sunny day & back to Delhi from Neemrana

Accommodation/Overnight Stay

Overnight stay was at the Golden Tulip resort at Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan India.


If you have any comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to email to our mail box at: naviccyclon@gmail.com or

Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/naviccyclon/

Our next ride is planned for November 2016 for appx. 325 miles. Interested Cyclists can get in touch with us.

Stay blessed!
Vinay Bansal