Now WILLOW and JADEN smith have to be the 2 most intriguing individuals I have seen in a while and that is to say the least.

The 2 covered INTERVIEW magazine and it hit like a meteor! JADEN and WILLOW both were interviewed and shared what they felt were some of the most important things their parents had given them and they made it clear it was not money. WILLOW explained how her parents had taken time to really teach them about the world and how important it was to love. JADEN quickly followed up and put a bit of what was mass clarity on their journey and how they have been raised to be comfortable with themselves. The craziest part about it is that’s why we love them! Being yourself is the set up for the new win in this society we are living in right now and they both understand that.


They made it clear that they were on a mission to save the planet and humanity by any means necessary. WILLOW also said that she could see her self living in the forest and reverting back to natural resources and truly depending on the land to survive. All this was said as they were dressed in what I would say are some of the craziest garments on the market. The sweater was oversized but accented WILLOW so well while JADEN was rocking his hair crazy in the same type of sweater, but it all came off so different and this is the true power of the SMITH’S.


It was actually quite dynamic how they shined through the wardrobe. It gave them an outer space feel and that really took things to another level. Seeing the evolution of FASHION is the highlight of the new wave and these kids are making the ride just that more wavy!

Signing Off!