A natural born survivor against all odds and brilliantly gifted are just a few words to capture the attributes of creative director, producer and visual artist, Tommii Lim.

Trained and managed under the late great Karl Bornstein (Charter founder of MOCA, Mirage Editions and Karl Bornstein Gallery), Lim has showcased his unique style of visual art and creative direction as a source of inspiration and aspiration all around the world. Tash and I, were supremely pleasured to witness his works at a pop-up exhibition curated by Nomadic Tribe Representatives in collaboration with 6th and Spring during downtown LA’s Art Walk a couple of weeks ago. The art exhibition was a dynamic creative oasis housed in a loft with a special sneak peak at ASIF’s latest collection, a Rooftop Sunset Performance by Neonderthal, and Music on the Mezzanine by Jonny Depth.

It was Lim himself who introduced himself to us  as he observed us gazing at the artistic results of his black and white visual interpretations eloquently expressed on the canvas before us. A conqueror with the ability to turn misfortune into fortune, Lim personally shared with us the catalyst for the artwork we were gawking at in utter amazement. Lim explained that in 2011, he survived a cut to his right eye which almost cost him his vision. Lim underwent corneal transplant surgery to repair the damage, but his vision was forever altered therefore forcing him to, “evolve his works to a much simpler, dynamic abstract style, often depicting movement with minimal lines.” Lim’s life was reflected in his art and Lim’s art was a reflection of his life journey; consequently, revealing a depth of creativity that spoke to our souls.

Lim’s work had an irony to it that was most compelling as well. All of his pieces were black (the absence of color as a consequence of not reflecting any wavelength of color onto the human’s retinas) and white (the result of all colors due to its’ reflection of all light and colors without absorption of the colors reflected). The uber cool paradox of it all was found in the truth that an object that lacked physical representations of color, personified the various definitions of color and the lack thereof simultaneously. The juxtaposition of the black and white coupled with, “the constructivist tension and abstract amplification against the flat geometric plain”, incredibly wowed us. However, what will forever be more compelling and memorable was the tenacious story of the creator behind the creation.


In life, it’s important to remember that your obstacles can be turned into possibles that have the potential to unleash innovation and prosperity. Lim’s story is proof that it’s not what happens to you in this life that shapes you. It’s how you respond to what happens to you during this life journey that matters most. For it is this that intricately weaves the fabric that truly makes you, YOU.

Cris & Tash

All photos are courtesy of  www.uglyfresh.com