For centuries jewelry has been the go to accessory to bring any fashion ensemble together. Traditionally jewels were reserved for the wealthy and those at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy but as cultures shift and evolve, this is no longer the case. Not only in cost but in structure and creativity, jewelry design has become more than just precious diamonds and stones in exquisite settings. What was once your mothers cheap costume jewelry is now a social trend of upcycling the old into the new. In an era of “Do it yourself” and Pinterest boards of crafting personal fashion, people are taking their individual style into their own hands… literally.

The accessories brand Aunt Funky’s Closet is no exception. They have  taken DIY a step further and have evolved from typical jewelry  mediums into blending their designs with industrial materials and object they found. Thus creating innovative designs from ordinary items. With a sort of Mad Max Apocalyptic approach to fashion, their futuristic idea is that fashion and accessories will be created from the world of experiences around us. Each piece will represent a space or event in time having significant meaning and represent more than just “another pretty thing”. For instance, the coin necklace in Aunt Funky’s Closet was made from a large copper novelty penny and bare copper wire. With a novel name, No I in Liberty, the meaning of this dynamic piece is twofold:

One, the “I” in the word LIBERTY is missing on the coin.
Two, it harkens to the rift seen in today’s society about the imbalance of liberties in the justice system.

Photo Credit: Aunt Funky's Closet
Photo Credit: Aunt Funky’s Closet

Pieces like this as well as the safety pin collar and chain choker necklaces are all industrial materials used to make statements as accessories. They say something about the core of who you are by highlighting your personality and beliefs in addition to your style.

As we evolve so will the world around us. So take a moment to gather those random objects and precious keepsakes because they may just be the fashion that the future covets and the marketplace demands.

– Cris & Tash