THAT happened. And, yet the world has kept its twirling pace.

So a good friend of mine and I were recently commiserating over the election of 2016, as many people we know have been shaking their heads over this topsy-turvy and unexpected result.

We discussed how we should think beyond the idea of experiencing what would have been a wonderful opportunity to watch the first black president, who won two terms and who is experiencing the highest approval ratings since he’s taken office; hand over the mantle of the highest office and commander-in-chief to the first woman president of the United States of America, ever, ever, ever, ever. #keepingit?

Many of us would’ve imagined Tuesday, November 8th as being so different, and had high hopes of how we as a country could display our growth. YES, the thought of a previous first lady of the United States of America, highly regarded Senator from New York State, and the Secretary of State of the United States of America, as our new representation of the free world seemed #player.

Even still, I think what we want and quite frankly what everyone deserves is a post-racial, gender neutral habitat for our leaders and ourselves to flourish among.

#AreWeThereYet…maybe not given #blacklivesmatter and all the gun violence in the US.  But we still want it and we still deserve it. #dreamingisfree

In the interim, try my To Do list for a bit of inspiration:

  1. Laugh a little, or a lot.  Laughter is the best medicine.
  2. Consider adding these to your non-comedic variety show listings:
    • – Rachel Maddow  My new #WCW
    • – With All Due Respect #MuchRespect
  3. Connect with your family and your friends
    Speak with your parents. Talk to your siblings. Don’t skip out on holidays. #Thanksgiving #Christmas. Talk it out. Hug it out. Use your words.
  4. Speaking of Thanksgiving, #givethanks!
    You can always find something to be thankful for…you are still here, yes?
  5. Pardon your family and friends. Life is short, do stuff that matters with them.  Show up for the good stuff, like weddings and birthdays and reunions. #JUSTDOIT
  6. Meditate and be Mindful
    Stress less. Try Oprah and Deepak Chopra. They are such a powerful combination. Say YES to starting your day with them! I also tend to find my local NYC newspaper for my daily horoscope scoop.
  7. Exercise with intent
    Buy a FitBit, join a gym, I enlisted a trainer and couldn’t be happier.#TeamJ. Do this with a friend, walk faster or run faster, and be stronger together. Or make your abs great again.
  8. Examine your Passport
    Is it expired?  Update it. New rules post November 1st – no glasses in passport photos. Check the passports of your family and help your friends remain on point as well.  You never know when you are going to want to duck out of here quickly.  Be prepared and organized.
  9. Vote with your wallet and your feet
    Until 2018 and 2002, you have options with your money and your venues. Buy local, buy like-minded, buy small business, buy Black Friday or skip BlackFriday, and go dark. There are good lists to consult. Google it. Because Google is still your friend. Your good friend.
  10. Sports and more sports
    Like politics, but less political. And still competitive.
  11. Read
    It’s my understanding that there are now people in the highest levels of government who don’t like to read. Seriously. They don’t like to read. I.Just.Can’t. Read more than you used to. Collect books if you like real books, or purge your books and go digital. Share reading lists with your family and your friends. Listen to books on tape on your smart phone or when you drive.
  12. Take a Stand
    Get involved in your state and local politics. Remember, it starts at home first.
  13. JournalIf you have thoughts that you are not comfortable expressing out loud, write them down.  Return to them after 24 hours and decide if you should keep it between you and your journal, or if you should express your thoughts to others you trust.  Maybe your journal will become a book.  Or maybe your journal will be an outlet.  But write with purpose and meaning.
  14. Control your environment
    I’m thinking candles, plush throws, inspirational pictures and sayings. Keep it simple, and declutter. Take pictures of before and after. Take a bath if you usually take a shower, with a bath bomb.
  15. Smile
    I’m finding myself smiling at people and people are smiling at me. That can’t be a bad thing, right? You might want to smile more…and see what comes back to you.
  16. Support
    The holidays are coming. John Oliver has a lot to say on this subject.Oliver then urged his viewers to spend their time and money to help “support organizations that are going to need help under a Trump administration, including: Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights, the National Resources Defense Council, the International Refugee Assistance Project, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Trevor Project, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.“I will point out: If you have relatives who supported Trump, you can give money in their name. So consider your holiday shopping this year done!” shared Oliver.
  17. Listen to your body
    Eat your veggies. Take your vitamins. Brush your teeth 3x a day and wash your face the same. Sleep eight hours a night. Be polite. Say please and thank you. Always be nice, it’s a really small world after all.
  18. Honor the women in your life
    Your mother your grandmother, your siblings, your sisters, your cousins, and your close friends and mentors. What have you got to lose?

Now that you know what’s on my To Do list, what’s on yours?


All my best –
Lord Taylor