Last weekend Cristen and I had the opportunity to share the day with the street Angels of DTLA with THE LUNCH ON ME ORGANIZATION. We arrived ready and willing to do whatever was necessary and we weren’t the only ones. People showed up and gave not only their time but energy, love and efforts as well! The enviroment was full of love and compassion for the angels and they could feel it and that was for certain.

The FOUNDER of LUNCH ON ME, LARAYIA, made everyone feel supremely welcomed and inspired. It was great to see a community of people that knew her and the work she has been doing for the street angel community! Cristen and I actually adopted the name street angel from her to replace the outdated name, homeless. As we spoke before the event we realized how powerful words were and that homeless was just not an accurate way to describe these beings. In fact, I often times call them the Angels of the Land.

People who do not have a place to live are not always their situation, believe it or not! Most people who do not have a place to live have all endured similar lifestyle falls to billions of other people on the planet, such as the stock market crash, housing crisis, natural disasters and so on.  A structural fall as this explains a lot and is just a small piece of the story of how our world has failed us as a human race. I don’t feel another human being should ever have to sleep outside or be hungry but the system says different, which is what makes LUNCH ON ME such a dynamic movement.

The LUNCH ON ME organization only gives the angels non gmo and organic food which has not really been done because of cost. However, some how LARAIYA managed to get some dynamic and resourceful people with massive hearts involved, who donated cold pressed juices and organic food to the organization. Chef Lauren Von Der Pool, was the lead chef and brought all of her Queen of Green love & light to the situation. This food Goddess definitely showed up and showed out, decorating the tables and even concrete with crushed orange roses.

LARAYIA has spent quite some time looking for sponsors and people who understand the movement and it is coming together rather well. Crisen and I had the chance to really connect on a deeper level in order to really understand the work being done and we champion it all the way! The LUNCH ON ME movement may be coming to a city near you, so be on the look out!

Signing Off!